We are privileged to post this excellent in-depth interview with a highly qualified, four-times Board Certified Physician. Professor Roger Seheult MD reviews the many important benefits that Vitamin D - a steroidal hormone - provides for the support of human health & well-being generally and our immune system in particular!

All humans require Vitamin D in a form that our cells can make use of. This means you should check your blood level of Vitamin D - aka serum 25(OH)D - at least once each year, or more often if you don't expose your body to adequate levels of summer strength sunlight. Exposing bare skin to the sun should always be for short periods of time - especially if you are fair-skinned and don't use sunscreen. CAUTION: You should always consult with your Doctor or health care professional before exposing your body to direct sunlight or considering using a tanning bed. 

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