IMMUNITI Liposome Oral spray contains Vitamins D3 and K2-MK4/MK7 plus 70 ionic (angstrom size) elemental trace minerals.

Each bottle contains 800 individual spray servings; 1 x two-spray oral serving contains 230 IU's of Vitamin D3 and 30 mcgs Vitamin K2-MK4/MK7.

This unique formulation is especially suitable for young children and adults who prefer smaller individual servings.

The UK Government currently recommends a daily Vitamin D intake of 400 IU's from supplements. However, individuals are unique in the way they metabolise a given quantity of nutrient and for checking levels of this important nutrient we highly recommend a serum 25(OH)D test from a medical professional to establish if there is a deficiency / insufficiency or adequacy of Vitamin D in your blood. If your doctor is unable or unwilling to provide this test, then home test-kits are available from 

IMMUNITI_Vitamin D3+Vitamin K2MK4/MK7

100 Milliliters